Do you ever meditate? I don’t mean the kind of meditation where you’re looking up at the stars and wonder if jupiter is aligning with mars kind of stuff, LOL!! I mean, the kind where you just sit quiet and listen for the Holy Spirit to speak to you. Those times for me, are times of reflection.

I read a lot. And it’s not always books I read, a lot of times I’ll read what my friends and business associates/alliances write via email. I read what’s on Twitter, Facebook and sometimes Instagram. And sometimes when I’m reading, is the very time HE speaks to me. I use to wonder why but, I don’t anymore because He’s given me so much clarity when it comes to discerning Him.

99.9% of the time when He speaks to me, it’s about me. Sometimes it’s something He desires for me to write about, like now. Sometimes, it’s a lesson I need to learn or He’s showing me my attitude and or behavior through someone else and more often than not, He shows me how I’ve overcome a lot of things that could have held me back – had I not made right (His will) decisions – because when you know better, regardless of how you “feel”, you should do better! Obedience is ALWAYS better than sacrifice! (1 Samuel 15:22)

This morning as I began to read an email from a business associate, all of a sudden He begins to speak to me about trust. Now, the email that I read, had absolutely nothing to do with trust, it was about business! As I’m sitting here, I wonder — uh-oh, where’s He going with this? While I do know the person whose email I was reading, God brought back to my remembrance (several years ago) when this very same person addressed me about “spirituality.” They were a little confused about the “journey” and sincerely wanting to know more about God. However, for some reason, we never talked about it much at all. I never pursued the topic with them so it just went away. I did notice however, that this person began to put their “trust” elsewhere.

Here’s the dangerous part about that… that not only applies to the individual I’m referring to – but, to each and everyone of us. Never, ever, put your trust in people. Period. David wrote in Psalm 118:8 “It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in humans.”

People… have a tendency to waver. Wavering when it comes to “how they feel” at the moment. People normally make decisions at those very times…on how they feel. Yet, when you trust in the One who has your life in His hands, The Creator of you… I don’t care what you’ve done, HE, will answer you accordingly with truth and sincere love.

People hesitate to tell the truth. They don’t want to hurt your feelings, or they don’t want to be the one who bares bad news, or they don’t want to start any mess, or if they tell you the truth, it might hinder the friendship, etc., etc., etc.

MY friends will tell you that when/if they call me… I’m going to respond with “what said the Lord!” So be ready. LOL!!! Your life is too precious for me to be messing up. And I’m like that as well –tell me the truth – forget all that other stuff! Hurt me, for righteous sake!

Okay, I got a little carried away right there, LOL! But really, when do we grow up? When do we make decisions that are pleasing to God? Why do we constantly make relationships priority with people instead of priority with God?

Look, when you’re dealing with a situation and you’re feeling sorry for yourself and/or you need to make “sense” of something and the first person you run to is someone who is just as messed up as you are, you are NOT seeking the truth, you’re seeking a feeling.

Look at John 2:23-25: Now while He was in Jerusalem at the Passover Festival, many people saw the signs He was performing and believed in His name. But Jesus would not entrust Himself to them, for He knew all people. He did not need any testimony about mankind, for He knew what was in each person.

If I’m in a situation where I need help about something, I am not going to go to a person who is always deeply angry, never speaks about anything positive, they never answer with a word from God and or reference the bible and, is only going to tell me what they think I want to hear. Misery loves company.

I won’t elaborate on Jeremiah 9 however, I encourage you to study it yourself.

As I said earlier, this is one lesson I overcame (thank You Jesus) a long time ago. Today, I know it was meant for me to stop and write.

While it is truly a blessing to have friends, family, etc., to talk to (because I do too), just remember, their truth won’t set you free…

If your friends, family, business associates, etc., etc., are not encouraging you with the Word, check yourself, not them… You. We make our own choices, now it’s time for us to own the consequences of such choices. #WhoYouWith?

In obedience,

I love you to everlasting life!

Careful with who you trust.

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One thought on “Careful with who you trust.

  • April 7, 2016 at 1:43 am

    I’ve been having a hard time over the last couple of years. It all started when I tried to grow and have a relationship with GOD. I was reading my daily bread at work and had started taking my Bible to work to read on my break. Other’s took notice and they themselves were thinking about seeking comfort in the bible. Then I got injuried, mistreated and just so much. I’d never been injuried on the job so with that I became overly stressed and worried about my finances my home, my car. I felt like a failure and just fell into a deep depression. I trusted people at that point. I thought the doctors, the psyche was trying to help me. My mental declined. I tried attending church but my mind was warped. I was put in the hospital placed on medicine and began having out body experience. Near death experiences. Vivid dreams. I admit I made a tone of mistakes I became angry. I was walking around yelling and screaming at the world. I would cry every day in my bath room. I am truly sorry for my behavior and the people I hurt. I’m still here by GOD’s grace. I feel like I’ve been given so many chances. Today I was watching TV and a phrase stuck with me “Let go and Let God”. I had read a book about letting go and letting GOD. So I googled it and was lead here. I truly believe that when you give something to GOD don’t take it back. Your not in control we must learn to trust GOD he don’t need your help he only needs you to believe, trust and have faith. I’m finally learning that not without a long list of trials. Today I’m jobless, my marriage is upside down, my children are dealing with different struggles, I have my home, my cars, my materiel things. I’d much rather have peace of mind and GOD’s help. So if anyone is reading this just know that your way isn’t the best way. GOD’s way is always the right way. Never give up! Stay strong and know that GOD loves you even if no one else does. I’d like to Thank you God for leading me to this website and allowing me to learn from my mistakes through your love for me. I can tell you this also suicide is a lie. GOD would never want us to take our lives. He gave us life and gives life so when it’s your time let him decide not you. If you ever feel low get help. Turn to GOD, don’t turn away. Good luck everyone I hope no one ever gives up and continues there pursuit in a relationship with our creator.



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