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I have been facing a recent employment challenge and have struggled with the ability to Let Go & Let God for a very long time. Today I decided to Google that and came across a link to your book and read it through over my morning tea. Thank you sincerely, it is very helpful in providing some tools to remember when I become overwhelmed, negative or am attempting to seek approval from others. I did not know what it meant to Let Go and Let God and I need to believe and trust more in my faith. I had a very emotional revelation while reading however, which brought me back five years to a near death experience I had during an accident I was involved in. I realized I have been seeking this letting go question since then and I have been removing the things that no longer serve me – HIM, but didn’t know what to do next to further my understanding.  I Do Now! God Bless You ~RL

I got it! The best way I know how to say it! Everything we go through in life whether it is good or not so good, we must praise God for bringing us through it. Give praises, honor and glory to him at all times! It took me a long time to realize that, because sometimes we get caught up in “self” and “self will!” It’s not about us, it’s about the Lord! Amen — I love in your introduction when you say, “in all your getting, get understanding!” When you pray and ask God for guidance, remember, praying produces faith, faith produces belief, therefore, remove ALL doubt and be in expectancy for however God answers! Page 1. That is so powerful, because now I believe, (took me a while to get there) God will do what he says…it is written! Standing on his promises! I’m there Regina! Also, throughout my grief process, I grew closer to God! If you don’t you may not survive the death of your loved one. I had it back to back…Mother, 7 months later, my Daughter and then my Father. I trust GOD completely! Now, sometimes I do get caught up in my emotions, again self and grieve…I go back to God in prayer and get it together! — continue reading here

How to Let Go and Let God is not only an easy read; but, it is an awesome book. Regina Baker does an excellent job of sharing with us how the tragedies in her life were events that escorted (and maybe even catapulted) her into new and triumphant places in God. I especially appreciate that it is easy for one to relate to what is being communicated. This book will be a resource that I will keep and re-read as a reminder that God is ALWAYS in control. May God continue to bless you, Regina, to impart the love of God into the lives of and the wisdom of God into the souls of those who hunger and thirst after righteousness. ~ Renette R.

This book, I came across by ‘chance’ ? And read, while I was struggling in the aftermath of a relationship break up. My urge to cling on and recover what was lost was destroying me emotionally. (I did not realise God was pruning me!) I let go ..not instantly…placing that person in His heart. Finally once my own heart was empty and open He poured His gifts in …the Holy Spirit poured through me in loving forgiveness of that person as I lifted up that others heart. I have moved on, needing only God’s approval and love. Thank you for this book!! ~ Jo Jay

I first came across your site when I was struggling with the loss of what I saw as a ‘spiritual’ and fairly close friendship. I was in great distress because of the manner in which it had broken down on a misunderstanding. I saw myself as mainly the innocent party. At the time! I have finally been able to completely let go and let God. . and move on , on the journey He wants for me.

As for me I have placed all in the hands of God and I have been successful…How beautiful it is to be in the hands of God searching His divine gaze in readiness to do whatever He wishes. Thank you also, Regina, for that article I came across on the internet in the midst of my upset. We can never underestimate what our ‘loaves and fishes’ can do for others, because it is of course God who takes them up and does the miraculous! I do believe it was your article and book that steered me even ever so slightly at a different angle towards calmer waters. And of course God’s grace ! ~ God bless you, JJ

My God this is such a wonderful blessing that I found this sight. I was searching for a “Theme” for our Ushers anniversary and I ran across this particular sight. I truly enjoyed the words of wisdom and encouragement that has truly helped me to understand, why can’t I, I don’t understand the bible, and truly sometimes I do get discouraged because I try very hard to understand. But, I am willing to get myself together and read about 2 to 4 scriptures a day and stay positive to keep tantrums out of the way of the Blessings the Lord has prepared for me. I thank to for these words. GOD BLESS ~ Brenda

Powerful article and I am taking every word to heart. I always “claim” to have faith but I now realize that I have to stop TRYING to handle everything because I can’t. God is in control of everything and always will be. ~ Zahara

I love this! I needed this! Im thankful to have found your blog at the peeeerrrrrrfect time! ~ Korene

Thank you so much for this! I REALLY needed this today. I have never felt as close to the Great Lord as I do now. ~ Leigh

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